So I just finished reading Clean Code by Uncle Bob

This must have been the most enlightening book I’ve ever read. It’s filled with “evident” knowledge. Of course, some of them you have never thought about… but some that you just can’t avoid nodding in approval.

As everyone know, I’m a .NET Developer and Uncle Bob is a Java developer (not exactly but the book have code in Java). There is some recommendation in the books that are targeted at Java developer and that don’t apply to .NET.

So? If I had to tell what the book is about, what should I say?

I would say:

  • Humans are good at mixing abstraction level
  • Keep the variable/class/function clear and concise
  • Commenting must be done with care otherwise it just clutter the code
  • Refactor, refactor, refactor. A code base is never perfect but if you follow the Boy scout rule, the code base will always be better in the end
  • Code should always have test and high coverage

Am I hitting the bulls eye here? What do you think?