.NET/ASP.NET Documentation Update for August 2019

tldr; This is a status update on the .NET documentation. If you want me to do more of those (once a month), please let me know in the comments!

NOTE: .NET Core 3.0 will be released at .NET Conf. That starts on September 23rd 2019. The conference is online and you’ll be able to ask questions. Please consider attending!

Hi everyone!

This is the third month where I post a summary of all .NET-related documentation that were significantly updated during the month of August.

My name is Maxime Rouiller and I’m a Cloud Advocate with Microsoft. For this month, I’m covering three major products:

Obviously, that’s a lot of changes and I’m to help you find the gold within this tsunami of changes.

So here are all the documentation updates by product with commentary when available!

Themes this month

  • What’s new for the Preview 8
  • Updating the CLI documentation
  • Adding new tab on the hub to better find e-books
  • Removing duplicate articles
  • Updating C# 8:
    • Nullable types
    • Default interface
    • Reference page

.NET Core

There was this addition that was made this month:

Another VERY interesting article that was updated this month is a guidance article on cross-platform targeting! Now with more code sample!

The telemetry article has been thoroughly revised and now includes a link for you to see the telemetry data for the past quarter (Q2):

The .NET Standard support table was updated to include the 2.1 Preview information:

Dependency Loading

All of the following are brand new .NET Core articles:


Brand new articles on the available diagnostic tools within .NET Core. From managed debuggers, logging, tracing, and unit testing:


New tutorial for developing an ONNX model to detect objects in images:

Articles on Model Builder and ML.NET CLI are now in the main table of contents under Tools sections:

There was a small but important bug fix to the ML.NET CLI telemetry article to fix the environment variable name to opt out of telemetry:

.NET for Apache Spark

A new tutorial was added based on a customer suggestion:


.NET Core 3.0 Preview 8 was launched on August 14th, so the API reference documentation for .NET Core and .NET Platform Extensions 3.0 was updated. The API documentation was also updated to include a new version of .NET Standard 2.1 Preview.
The documentation team is also working closely with the .NET developer team to add more API documentation for .NET Core 3.0. We reduced the number of undocumented APIs by 1,336 in August.

Do you want to watch what’s going on? Follow the .NET APIs Docs repository!








Do I need to mention that those are all must reads?

Razor Pages

Razor Pages with EF Core in ASP.NET Core Tutorial

This whole tutorial was updated to 3.0 and got good changes to review. Worth going through again!

Tutorials, HowTo, guides, and others

Two brand new tutorials this month.

All the following tutorials were updated to .NET Core 3.0.