RefCardz - Little known reference at the tip of your finger

DISCLAIMER: I am not an employee of DZone Inc. and I am not paid for talking about the RefCardz. RefCardz are available for Free (as in free beer) online on their website. RefCardz in printed format can be obtained at different events or by contacting DZone directly.

Maven Refcardz just got released today. Everybody that use Maven might be hyped over that but… did you know the other Refcardz?

My favourite is the “Design Patterns“ Refcardz. There is easy diagram to understand the organization of your classes as well as 2 interesting sections. “Use When” contains indication on when to use this particular pattern and “Example” contains a small problem that would require this pattern. As an example, let’s take the Adapter Pattern.


The “use when” in this section mention that an adapter should be used when:

  • you need to adapt a class to your interface
  • complex conditions with behaviour and states are present
  • transitions between states need to be explicit

I didn’t use the Adapter pattern a lot so I just knew about the first two. Still thinking about the third one.

Those RefCardz are offered for free in PDF format on DZone or you might find them in glossy hard paper when going to conference/code camp/etc. Most of the developers I know have DZone on their RSS reader but have never taken the time to look at the RefCardz that are available.

The RefCardz can be found on here.

Here is a few of my favourites: