#SideWaffle – Or why people are cheering every time it’s mentioned

So I discovered SideWaffle at the MVP Summit this year. Every time someone mentioned “SideWaffle” there was a lot of cheering at the simple mention of the name.

I was curious. Or rather, intrigued. Why would someone cheer for a product that much? I haven’t seen anyone cheering for jQuery or StructureMap or Ninject or whatever. It might have been guys working on the tool but I was too curious to just drop the ball. So… Googled it (sorry Microsoft) and ended up on their website.

So what is SideWaffle?

It’s a Visual Studio Extension that contains templates for technology that you might use.

So you want to make an AngularJS project but you don’t know where to start? It’s there. Nancy? It’s there too. Google Chrome Extension? Yep. Knockout Binding? Also.

It’s insane. You absolutely need to download this thing. It will save you time.

Here’s an example.

New NancyFX project.

So I do File –> New Project and I click on C# and look for Nancy:


Then, I click OK, press F5, hit the page with Chrome (Sorry Microsoft) and I get this:


That’s it. Now Nancy is up and running and self-hosted on my machine.

List of supported tech (as of March 27th 2014)

AngularJS, Durandal, Robots.txt, Human.txt, RequireJS, Nancy, Offline Application Cache Manifest (HTML5), KnockoutJS, Jasmine, jQuery Plugin, GruntJS configuration file, and a whole lot more.

Hit SideWaffle.com for the complete list.


Download. Contribute. And don’t forget to cheer every time you hear SideWaffle.