Community Update 2014-03-26 – Google #oauth #openid endpoints, #sublime, #tdd with Google Spreadsheet, and more

So first of all, Google is retiring some of its OAuth/OpenID endpoints. You NEED to read the first article. It will let you know what is going obsolete and when.

Then we have a video worth watching. Doing TDD with Google Spreadsheet. It’s crazy, it’s insane and obviously… I love it!

Beside that, enjoy the read!

Web Development

Migrating to Google+ Sign-In - Google+ Platform — Google Developers ( – Google is shutting down some OAuth/OpenID endpoints. You should update your apps. Some as soon s April 30th.

Sublime is Sublime 10 | Greg Young’s Blog on (

Minified.js – A Tiny Alternative To jQuery (

WebAIM: Accessibility Lipstick on a Usability Pig (

5 Truly Effective CSS Boilerplates and Frameworks (


Avoiding problems with relative and absolute URLs in ASP.NET - Fabrice’s weblog (

ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework - CodeProject (

Architecture and Methodology

Using Google Spreadsheet as a simple TDD/BDD environment on Vimeo ( – this is a must watch.

2 Lessons Learned, And 3 Resources For For Learning RabbitMQ On NodeJS (

Windows Azure

Caching on Windows Azure - Azure AppFabric Cache, Azure Cache Service, Managed Cache, Dedicated Cache, In-Role Cache, Co-located Cache, Shared Cache, Azure Role-based Cache - Clarifying the naming confusion (

Storage (SQL, NoSQL, etc.)

Differences in Map/Reduce between RavenDB & MongoDB - Ayende @ Rahien (

Search Engine (Solr, ElasticSearch, etc.)

How we use Elasticsearch to enhance our web products | Browser ( This Week In Elasticsearch | Blog | Elasticsearch (