Do not miss Microsoft Connect 2016

Whether your focus is on .NET, .NET Core, or Azure…

You do not want to miss Connect 2016.

So what should you watch?

I’m an architect or business oriented

Watch Day 1. All the big announcements are going to be condensed in this day. If you have something to relay to the business or need to know Microsoft’s direction for the foreseeable future? It’s where you’ll get that information.

I’m a developer/architect or just love the technical details

You’ll want to add Day 2 to the mix. That’s where all the cool stuff and how to use it will be shown. I’m expecting lots of cool demos with good deep dives in a few features.

If you are an Azure developer? You’re in luck. There’s at least 2 hours dedicated to Azure without even talking about all the details about VSTS or Big Data.

If you want to put into practice what you’ve seen, hit Day 3 with some Microsoft Virtual Academy.

What should I expect?

As Azure is a continuously evolving platform, I would expect a lot of (small and big) announcements. Service Fabric was launched in Public Preview last year so I would hope to see an update on that.

With Microsoft Graph launching at last year’s Connect and Microsoft Team being launched just recently, I’m hoping to see some integration on those two products.

As for Visual Studio and .NET Core, if you haven’t been following the GitHub repository, something something about the new project system. Nothing hidden here. But I’ll leave some high quality demo blow your mind away. I’m also expecting some news about either a Visual Studio Update or VS15 which has been in Preview for quite a while now (Preview 5 being last October).

For UWP? I’m really hoping to see the future of that platform. Windows Phone is a great platform and the first step for Microsoft in the mobile space. UWP is the unified concept of One Application everywhere. I would love to see their vision there.

What about you?

What are YOU expecting? What do you hope in seeing?