I'm joining Microsoft

I’ve been operating as a single man consultancy business for almost four years. I’ve never been as happy to not have any other clients lined up.

This week is going to be my last week working alone.

It will also be last week I’ll be a Microsoft MVP.

I’ve been a Microsoft MVP for the last 6 years and I’ve been awarded my 7th award this month. Although it pains to leave this wonderful group of technological experts, I’m leaving all of this behind for one of the most exciting moments of my career.

I’ll be joining Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate.

Why Microsoft?

So, time to cue the joke about the chip implant, joining the collective and what not. I used to do them too and I’ll probably keep on making them.

Microsoft today is focused on making things better for everyone. Every time I hear Satya talk, I hear that change. Every time I meet with product teams? I see that change.

Microsoft’s vision is aligned with what I believe. It’s a simple as that.

Why now?

One question I was asked before I joined Microsoft was… why now? Why would you drop everything you’ve done so far to go work for Microsoft? It’s a question everyone should ask themselves before doing any big moves.

I’ve always been keen on sharing what I know, what I learned. It is after all how I became an MVP. But I’ve always been limited in the amount of time that I could share my passion. There’s only so many hours in a day and some must be on mandate where I’m necessarily in a position to share my love and knowledge. With Microsoft, I’ll be able to focus all my time to share my love and passion for Azure, .NET, and whatever new technology I fall in love with.

What’s the job?

My title? Cloud Developer Advocate. Description? Share my love of the platform with the rest of the world.

Whether it’s through blog posts, libraries, conferences and whatever is needed to make a developer’s life easier. I’ll be there.

I’ve been working with Azure for the last 3 years. Every chance I got, I ensured that my client would understand and enjoy what they were getting into.

I want to do that with the whole planet now.

Dream big or go home, right?