Announcing IdentityServer v3 and IdentityManager v1 – From @BrockLAllen

So Brock Allen just announced that the Preview for its famous identity servers are hitting another milestone. Of course it’s only preview 1 but it’s worth it.

IdentityServer is the best free OAuth/OpenId there is right now. The v3 is bringing us full OWIN support with smaller deployable endpoints, default login screen for any logins and more. This also means, deployable out of IIS.

As for IdentityManager, it’s a reboot of the ASP.NET Configuration found in Visual Studio since forever. Better interface and 100% compatible with the latest ASP.NET Identity bits.

So if you are looking for an OAuth server, checkout IdentityServer v2 (while waiting for v3 to go full release) and secure your endpoints.

Here are some links that were given by Brock:

IdentityServer v3

Blog post:

Introduction video:

Samples video:

Extending IdentityServer v3 video:

IdentityManager v1 – Identity/User Management for MembershipReboot and ASP.NET Identity

Blog post:

Introduction video: